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Life Insurance

About the last call any of us will return is the one from a life insurance sales person wanting to sell us a policy to protect our loved ones. The next voicemail we won’t respond to is the used car sales guy we saw a few days ago when we were out kicking tires!

What we will do, however, is educate ourselves on the subject of life insurance using the internet when we are good and ready. What many people don’t know, because they are not open to learning about it quite yet (probably because some life insurance sales person turned them off), is that life insurance of a specific type can be extremely beneficial for the living, not only the beneficiaries. So, what most people do when they go out and seek life insurance on their own is find the lowest cost term policy they can find, only to protect beneficiaries if the (insured) dies. In our humble opinion, there is such a much better way. It has to do with cake, a theme nearly every human enjoys.

The Redhawk HQ is located in a sprawling suburb of Minneapolis called Edina. Neighboring folks will fondly refer to Edina residents as “cake eaters”, a rather privileged lot. In the world of life insurance we prefer a method called, “have your cake and eat it too”. In other words, plain ol’ term life insurance (“POTLI” for short) is as close to throwing money down the drain as it gets. Hardly anyone dies with their old policies still intact so that’s why you see all those huge buildings in downtown areas with insurance carrier names on them.

The better way is to do one of two things:

1. If you are very young (under 40 say) with less capital to spare, buy a specific convertible term policy.

2. If you are any age with plenty of extra capital to spare, buy a whole life policy with the ability to stuff it with as much extra cash as is legal.

This is our opinion. We live by this opinion ourselves. As a fiduciary, we must provide the public with our best opinions so that’s what we did here. If you choose some other life insurance product or protection mechanism, that is perfectly OK with us. We simply follow the “Good to Great” formula: pick the one thing you do very well and stick to it.

In this cover page we have given you the secret to success as it relates to how we address the lifeless subject of life insurance. What we know and have practiced ourselves is something completely different than many consumers out there. One critical roadblock is the distribution of incredible solutions like this is done via independent sales associates or hungry captive insurance agents that just don’t put on a good fiduciary posture. They turn people off. They make grandiose promises that sound too good to be true and savvy consumers know when they are being (over) sold. People love to buy. They hate to be sold.

So, here’s our solution. We have some incredibly well-trained and vetted people both internally here at the HQ and across the country who know this subject well and must qualify would-be consumers the way we say to do it. In other words, if you want to kick the tires, do some due diligence and analysis on this subject in a vacuum with absolutely zero pushiness or salesmanship, contact us at 888-835-4295, we will direct you to a process that will not attempt to sell you, rather will attempt to assess the pros and cons of your particular situation to see if you even qualify for the configuration we are talking about.

Of course there are myriad details around this subject you will need to know. We will be providing articles and blogs to help fill in the blanks.


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